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Choosing an Electrician from a Craigslist Ad May Be a Bad Idea

side job electrician ad from Craig's List

Choosing an Electrician from a Craigslist Ad May Be a Bad Idea

I recently came across an ad for a “Side Job Electrician” on Craigslist.  I do not know this person and he certainly may be a good electrician.  The main benefit in the ad is “selling” is that he is “alittle [sic] cheaper” than other electricians connected with a company.

What kind of work does a “cheaper” electrician do?

Depending upon the background and experience, it can be anywhere between “bad” and “excellent” you really do not know.

  • Will that electrician have insurance?
  • Will that electrician have a license?
  • Will that electrician pull the required permits?
  • What type of warranty will that electrician provide?
  • What recommendations can that electrician provide?

These are all questions you need to be asking of anyone that will be coming into your home or business to perform electrical work in Omaha.

What an electrical contractor provides

An electrical contractor stands behind their work with a full warranty of performance. Their reputation is on the line and as is future business.

An Omaha / Council Bluffs based electrical contractor is fully licensed with their staff fully compliant with all the electrical codes in the various city and municipalities surrounding Omaha / Council Bluffs. You can trust their work is being completed 100% to code.

An electrical contractor will be insured protecting you from loss.

A good electrical contractor will have a history of service to the Community.

A good electrical contractor will pull all proper permits for the job.  This is important, especially so when you decide to sell your home or business when the inspection takes place.  You don’t want any surprises when you are trying to sell.

Why choose Signature Electric as your electrical contractor?

Signature Electric / D&J has been in business in the Omaha area for more than 40 years. That is proof of providing great customer service for the home, business, industry, and / or government.

Signature Electric / D&J has a fantastic safety record; ranked as one of Nebraska’s Safest Companies by The National Safety Council (the Green Cross people).Omaha Magazine Best oif Omaha Signature Electric - electricians

Signature Electric / D&J is fully licensed to provide quality electrical contracting services in Omaha and the surrounding communities.

 Signature Electric / D&J is insured protecting the work we do for you.

Signature Electric / D&J has a “Worry-Free” guarantee and warranty on every job. Just ask us for details.

Signature Electric / D&J will make sure all the work is properly permitted for your home or business.

Signature Electric / D&J was recognized by Omaha Magazine as the Best of Omaha First Place for 2018 Electrical Contractor (household category).  That says a lot when the people of Omaha vote you as one of the best; we were honored by this recognition.

Competitive Prices with Great Service is a Value- Signature Electric delivers value everyday

Sure, there are other electrical contractors in Omaha.  With Signature Electric / D&J you know you are getting one of the Best in Omaha; residential, commercial, industrial, government electrical contractor.

When choosing an electrician for your home or business, going to Craigslist may not be the best idea.

When attempting to assess the true value versus the perceived value of using a “side job electrician,” you need to factor costs versus risks. You never know what you will be getting.  Saving a little money here, is probably not the best idea for your family or business.

Eliminate any worry and reduce your risk!

You can trust Signature Electric / D&J to provide you with the best price and value on guaranteed work…

Trusted – Professional – Quality

Give us a call at 402-521-3165 today for a free quote.

  • 6140 Holmes Street, Omaha, NE 68117
    Just south of L Street in Omaha, NE
  • Phone: (402) 521-3165
  • Fax: (402) 731-6474
  • info@signatureelectric.us
  • 6140 Holmes Street, Omaha, NE 68117
    Just south of L Street in Omaha, NE
  • Phone: (402) 521-3165
  • Fax: (402) 731-6474
  • info@signatureelectric.us


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