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Emergency Power Generators

A professionally installed power back-up generator will keep critical items powered and operating, so you can continue to work without the hassle of a power outage. Signature Electric equips all generators with a transfer switch that allows for an automatic start when the generator is needed, so you won’t have to worry during a storm or flood.

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Home back-up power electric generator

We can provide a permanently installed power back-up generator so you have power when it goes out. Signature Electric also has temporary emergency power generators (as pictured above) that we can place on site for as long as you need it.

When a home or business loses power, sump pumps, CCTV cameras, refrigerators, and more cease to function. Avoid damage to critical home systems with an emergency power generator.

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Whatever the task, we’re here to help make your goals a reality. Looking for quality back-up power generator for your home or business? Contact us today to get a quote.

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