Too many extension cords plugged into an otulet. Holiday lighting safety tips.

How To Stay Safe this Holiday Season with Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

Recently in Columbia, Tennessee, a house fire was started by outdoor Christmas lights. (Story on WATE.com)

video image of christmas lights starting a fire in Tennessee

The homeowner reported that she had left the lights one all day and night which triggered the fire. Even though the lights were new, something went wrong and started the fire.

Here are a few Holiday Lighting Safety Tips we recommend:

  • Make sure you are buying lights and cords that are UL Listed or UL Certified; “This product is Listed or Certified by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.”
  • Avoid placing too many connections and strings on any one outlet.
  • Unplug or use a timer to turn off the lights at night or during the day.
  • Do not have lights on when not at home.
  • Routinely check the temperature of the cords and lighting when in use. If hot, disconnect and do not use.
  • Use the newer LED lighting systems as they put out less heat and also use less electricity.
  • Keep your live Christmas tree watered daily. Indoor dry winter air and the lights can dry the tree out quickly.
  • Be sure to have cut a short piece of your tree off before setting it into the tree stand to allow water to be soaked into the tree.
  • Do not use any damaged lights.
  • Always best to plug lights into the outlets direct rather than using extension cords.
  • If you do use extension cords, make sure they are heavy duty and rated for outdoor use if used outdoors.
  • Protect your connections outdoors from moisture, preventing any possibility of short circuits.
  • Make sure the lights you use outdoors are rate for outdoor use.

This is only a partial list of safety tips.

At Signature Electric we want you to be safe this Holiday Season.

How To Stay Safe this Holiday Season with Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

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