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Residential Electrician Omaha

Signature Electric is qualified to complete the most complicated of residential remodels in a cost-effective manner. This way, you won’t break the bank when getting the electrical work your home requires. Don’t keep your family in the dark – contact our efficient team of electrical contractors today!

Heat up your home’s tile

Bathroom lighting. Residential electrician Omaha - Signature Electric

Complement your electrical work with the unique NUHEAT™ Indoor Heating System. Attached to a timer, it ensures that you’ll never hop across a frigid kitchen or bathroom floor again!

Stunning electrical lighting upgrades

Kitchen lighting. Residential electrician Omaha - Signature Electric

Discover quality that will outlast the trends with Lutron® Lighting Products, a top-tier brand for specialty electrical components with a reputation for delivering what homeowners want. Add LED lighting to your home to reduce your electricity bill and improve your lighting while being environmentally friendly.

Enhance your home with some “creature comforts”

Signature Electric handles residential electrical contracting, including new construction projects, remodeling jobs, and simple in-home work. We also offer commercial and industrial contracting. Contact us for a consultation!

Standby , backup generator. Residential electrician Omaha - Signature Electric

Standby generators will keep the lights on in your home.

The next time the power goes out for any reason, you can be assured to have the lights on and power to your appliances with a standby, back-up generator. READ MORE

Get started today!

Whatever the task, we’re here to help make your goals a reality. Ready to get started on your next electrical project at home? Contact us today to get answers to your questions!

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