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Why You Need Whole Home Surge Protection

Protect Your Home with Whole Home Surge Protection. Signature Electric in Omaha can help
Doubel Lightenting Strick | Sureg Protection for your Home by Signature Electric Omaha Council Bluffs

The amount of electronics in your home has certainly increased.  There are security systems, electronically controlled appliances, computers, entertainment centers, voice control units, LED lighting systems, and the like.

You may have added a surge protector for your computer, but what about your new refrigerator, microwave, or washer and dryer? How about your TV set and entertainment system? What about your new LED lighting system? What is protecting your larger appliances, as they have electronic controls?

With the upcoming thunderstorm season, electrical spikes caused by nearby lightning strikes can travel into your home, to damage your sensitive electronics.

As technology continues to advance and we add more gadgets to our lives, the need to add whole home surge protection is more important than ever before.

While power surges can happen due to lightning strikes, more often they occur because of surges on the power grid that your house is connected to.  The power grid can experience surges for many reasons and the power company can only do so much to control them. Power surges can also come from in-home sources and malfunctions. For example, electric motors in refrigerators or AC units may cause a spike in the household system when they start up.  While it may not trigger a complete failure, these intense bursts will add up to cause electrical devices to degrade over time.

So, what can be done to protect your sensitive electronics?

The Answer is Whole Home Surge Protection

There are three types and defensive areas of surge protection to be installed in a home.

Type 1 – surge protection at the meter

Electric Meter on side of house | Signature Electric recommends Surge Protection for your home in Omaha

A surge protector in mounted on the line side of the utility pole and the meter to your home where electricity enters your service panel. This type of protection will protect your home from external power surges caused by outages along the line and lightning strikes. With frequent lightning activity in the Omaha area, this offers great protection. The utility must install this and they charge a recurring monthly fee for the equipment as long as it is installed on your meter.

Type 2 – surge protection at the panel

Type 2 surge protection devices are mounted next to your breaker panel.  This offers protection against external power disturbances, plus internal power surges caused by on and off switching of motors and pumps. This is also a great solution. With this solution, you pay a one-time charge for the equipment and installation.  Then the equipment is yours and there are no additional fees to protect your home. The equipment also comes with an appliance replacement warranty in case it fails. Our Omaha team of home electricians can provide you the peace of mind with professional installation.

Type 3 – surge protection at the device

Type 3 surge units will protect against smaller surges that can affect many sophisticated electronic devices. These include computers, smartphones (when charging), and gaming systems. These are often known as the last line of defense against power surges.  These types of surge protectors / power strips may be familiar to you but you may not realize that they are not effective if they are not connected to a grounded receptacle. 

Electrician working safely on switches and sockets of a residential electrical system | Signature Electric Whole home Surge Protection

Homes built before 1970 may not have grounded outlets or the wall receptacles may have been replaced without providing a grounding wire.  This is generally incorrect and hazardous. Power strip type surge protectors will only protect your equipment if there is a ground wire connected to the receptacle. Do it yourselfers will often rig a receptacle so it appears to have a ground when it does not. They think what they are doing is OK, but it is hazardous and does not make the surge protector work correctly. If your home was built before 1970 and has newer, 3-hole, grounding type wall outlets, it is best to have the grounding verified by an electrician before trusting that they are grounded correctly.  Improper wiring will fool a plug-in tester.

If you want point of use surge protection but do not like the look of plug strips, your wall outlet can be replaced with surge protective wall receptacles. These should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Many people rely upon these surge protectors as their first and only line of defense. These should be their last level of surge protection.

You Can Trust Signature Electric to Protect Your Home Against Power Surges

We can affordably install surge protection in your home and they all come with a product warranty. Plus, you will get Signature Electric’s Worry Free Guarantee.

Call us today at 402-521-3165 for a Free Estimate to fully protect your home against power surges before lighting strikes. You will receive a very affordable one-time price, not a monthly on-going cost, for true peace of mind.

We provide qualified electricians within a 50-mile radius of Omaha including the following Nebraska communities: Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, LaVista, Ralston, Papillion, Gretna, Millard, Valley, Waterloo, Bennington, Fremont, Blair, Plattsmouth, Louisville, and others.

In Iowa: Council Bluffs, Crescent, Glenwood, Mineola, Missouri Valley, Silver City, and others.

  • 6140 Holmes Street, Omaha, NE 68117
    Just south of L Street in Omaha, NE
  • Phone: (402) 521-3165
  • Fax: (402) 731-6474
  • info@signatureelectric.us
  • 6140 Holmes Street, Omaha, NE 68117
    Just south of L Street in Omaha, NE
  • Phone: (402) 521-3165
  • Fax: (402) 731-6474
  • info@signatureelectric.us


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